How to Shade 3D Objects

Well, normally I had this drawing tutorial on the website before, but technically the site went down, but like they all say, “Something happens for a reason.” When the site was down, we found a free/opensource CMS called WordPress. Now we’re all fine and we can finally teach lot’s of stuff. You might ask yourself what this is all about, and the answer to that is “Happiness.” We can finally share some tutorials; the real deal. So let’s get started with shading 3D objects.

When you shade, you have to know your light source. How do you solve that problem? You basically choose where the light is coming from. Why do you need this? It’s because the light part of the object or thing will be shining at the direction where the light is facing and the darker parts will be pointing at the areas where the light doesn’t point. It’s like the light is fading right when it’s direction is coming left. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

After finding the light source, start the sketching and smudging process. That’s right, just within two steps your finally ready to start. There’s a video above that will show you some techniques of sketching 3D objects (Exampe: A Cylinder.) Enjoy, leave a comment, and share with your friends.

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